What kind of Camera do you use?
I finally busted open my piggy bank and splurged on a Canon 60D in April of 2011. My absolute favorite lens is my 50mm F/1.4.

How did you learn to use your camera?
Everyday I am learning fun little tricks and improving. I am still a beginner myself. My suggestion for a great resource on digital photography would be books by Scott Kelby. Also check out the free tutorials on a website called

Where do you get your pictures/calendars printed?
"Shutterfly" baby :)

What do you use for lighting?
I try and use as much natural light as possible without cranking up my ISO too high. When I need a little extra light I use my external flash, a Canon Speedlite 430EX II Flash. To soften my flash I also use a STO-FEN Omni-Bounce EW Flash Diffuser.

How do you watermark your photos?
I use photoshop elements (my dream is to upgrade) and various iphone apps to edit my pictures. There is a GREAT tutorial on how to watermark your photos using photoshop elements 9 on this website.
Otherwise I use "phonto", "impression", "pic frame", "camera +", and "instagram" to edit on my iphone.

What is your favorite camera gadget?
That would be my Canon remote switch RS60 E3. This little gem helped me turn my shutter speed way down and get glorious Christmas tree light pictures without the blurry-ness of pressing the shutter myself.

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