Sunday, February 19, 2012

All About Me: Charger

Hi my name is Charger and I was born on June 8th 2008. My doggie mom was a yorkshire terrier and my doggie-dad was a poodle. My doggie-mom was very small and I take after her, weighing in at 4.6 lbs. I came from a litter of four (3 boys and one girl) and I was the runt.

My human mama and daddy wanted a dog really badly and they lived in an apartment that only allowed dogs under 25 lbs. Also daddy requested since he had allergies that they get a non-shedding dog. So my mama went to the local shelter and applied for dogs. Here in Wisconsin in this area, small breeds that do not shed are very popular and hard to adopt at the shelter. Because so many people end up applying for these dogs, they pick the owners by drawing names out of a hat.

Months went by and mama and daddy had no luck so mama started searching for breeders on the internet. She stumbled upon a website called domestic sale. It is kind of like a "craigs list" for the area. On the website in the pets section was an ad for me and my litter-mates. The ad said we were an accidental litter and they only wanted 200 dollars for us. After much begging my mama convinced daddy to drive an hour up north to see me. My daddy wanted to make sure that I came from a nice home and not a puppy mill.

When they met me for the first time, their hearts melted. Daddy was the one who picked me up first and he instantly liked me. I of course used my "cute puppy voodoo magic" on him. I also was the only one really awake and eating. Daddy confirmed his decision when I promptly walked over to the puppy pad and took a leak.

I went home with my new mama and daddy that very day. Boy they were not prepared for me at all. They had to stop at Target and pick up a kennel, food, and toys for me. Since they were on a time crunch and my grandma would be watching me my first night (mama and daddy were going to 6 flags the next day) they had to buy me a plastic crate for my very first home.

My bowl was as big as me! I probably only weighed 1 or 2 lbs.

Here is daddy showing me the ropes on my new food and water dish. I am listening to every word.

Our first family picture.

Grandma giving me my first bath.

I was a pretty spoiled puppy. Mama bought me lots of toys and treats. Here are a few of her favorite puppy pictures of me.

My first bed which I destroyed a few months later.

Daddy and I always enjoy napping together

Already a ham for the camera


An early prediction of my toilet paper adeventures...

Ahh yes. Now this is the life.

Mama teaching me to "Come"

After my first grooming

My favorite activity. Gettin my tan on.

My first halloween. I hated this costume.

My first Christmas

 My first major item I destroyed. Vertical blinds.

My first birthday. That candle was super scary!!

My mama and daddy have always said I have a unique personality. I love the sound of my own voice, I cry when I don't get my way, I am very independent, and I don't trust strangers. It takes me a long time to warm up to people I don't know. This is probably because when I was not quite one I got cut by the groomers really bad. I had to be put under and have stitches. A week later it got infected and I had to go back to the vet. I want to get to know new people, but it just takes time.

My first boo-boo.

Mama and daddy were sooo mad that they took a clipper to my teeny little leg.
Once I get to know you though, I remember you forever and get very excited to see you. Kind of like how I get excited to see my Grams (daddy's step-mom). She happens to be my favorite person. (She feeds me doggie ice cream)

Well that is it for now. I hope you got to learn a little bit more about me. :)

Love, Charger


  1. Charger, you are so stinking cute!!

  2. I loved this look into Charger's puppyhood :)

  3. Is super cute, I love u pictures So Amazing 

  4. So cute! Loved the puppy pics! Ace was 1 lbs when we rescued him while we were on vacation and his first home was a laundry basket until he was big enough for me not to freak out when our lab mix got around him. Check out our pics on instagram raerae5983