Monday, February 6, 2012

Our Weekend

Usually our weekends during the winter season are pretty boring. My husband, Charger, and I don't like the cold so we spend most of the season snuggled up indoors. This weekend was an exception to that. Friday night we dropped the little fur ball off at his Grams and Papas and went to a basketball game. He loves visiting his Grams and Papa's (Chris' parents) house because he runs around and they feed him lots of goodies. You can watch a short clip of how excited he gets right before we drop him off on a free iphone app called "viddy". My username is sweetsugar337.

The basketball game that we went to was Chris' cousins. She is just a freshman in high school and already playing on varsity. Chris is really proud of her and attends a lot of her games. Since I work night/evening shifts I rarely get to go. So I was pumped to be able to go friday night and take some pictures. Here are my favorite shots of her.


The whole gang (minus Chris and I)

Friendly game of teacher/student dodge ball at half time ;)

Not bad for gym lighting eh?

Sunday was the big Superbowl...too bad my Green bay Packers didn't make it :( We still went to a friend's house and watched it...if nothing else for the funny commercials. Oh yeah and the food!

Wisconsin fridge in the winter

My friend Zeina and I

Game time!

This weekend also was great because my two items I ordered online came in the mail. I love getting packages! The first was a new iphone cover from a company called "Cuptakes". I would highly recommend it. Not only do they have cute cases online, but an iphone app for matching backgrounds to the cases. The cover is not too bulky, so it keeps the iphone looking sleek.

How cute is that?

My second package was a new blanket. (Like I need another blanket in our house :p ). It was on sale though from Macy's and I couldn't resist. Charger was impressed and quickly made it his.

The weekend rounded off with a bath for Charger. Poor little guy HATES baths.

Oh despair...

Hope you all had a great week!

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